Sunday, January 20, 2013

100 Toddler Activities to Keep Your Toddler Happy - Part 1

Sunny Day Outdoors Activities for Toddlers 

1. Play Bubbles
Make up a big batch of bubble mix (1 part water, 1 part detergent, 1/2 part glycerin) and blow bubbles. Its lovely, slippery, wet clean fun.

2. Make Daisy Chains
Ok, this is admitting Im a terrible gardener, or that I love having a lawn full of dandelions – but I love the colors and the smell of dandelions, and they do make such pretty daisy chains.

3. Plant a Fairy
Cheat and use cheap potted color from the nursery, or do it properly and use fast growing seeds such as nasturtiums or paper daisies. Or, if you have green thumbed friends, get some cuttings and seeds from their garden. Once you've planted your colorful plants, the fairies will need somewhere to hide, and perhaps a fairy stone ring or two to dance around – use your imagination!

4. Build a Cubby House
I would say tree house, but our local council has banned these (unauthorized structures or something ridiculous). A cubby house can be as simple as a card table and a sheet or as elaborate as a timber shack – youre only limited by your construction prowess, either way, your child will have fun!

5. Read a picture book under a tree
Go outside, snuggle up under the shade of a big tree and share a special story. We love Pamela Allens “Mr. McGees Apple Tree”

6. Have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Grab the bears, a blanket and a yummy feast, and share a lovely afternoon with your children. Bonus points if you bake a few yummy treats yourself – licking the spoon is the best bit!!

7. Messy Play
Spend a lovely afternoon, elbow deep in “slime” (corn starch and water) sloshing around in the back garden. Followed by mud pies, and a dig in the dirt looking for beetles. Its not often as adults we have the excuse to abandon our clean standards, and let me tell you – dirt and mess is fun when you relax and go with it.


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