Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top 5 Educational Activities for toddlers (9-24 Months)

Here is a list of educational activities for toddlers. These activities will help your toddler baby to increase his/her talent on the age 9 to 24 months.

  1. Baby Ball
Skills: Muscle builder, hand/eye coordination, just for fun, mind builder.
Equipment: Soft ball.

Instructions: Roll a large, soft ball back and forth with your child. Watch her face light up as she “catches” the ball between her knees and watch her concentration when she stretches to get one that is just out of reach. Have her roll the ball back to you and practice aiming at a target. Experiment with different surfaces. Does the ball roll slower or quicker on carpet? Does the ball make more noise or less noise on tile?

  1. Baby stacks
Skills: Mind builder, hand/eye coordination, muscle builder, just for fun.
Equipment: Stacking cups.

Instructions: Place Baby on a blanket on the floor, and give him a series of stacking cups of graduated sizes and variations. It is best to use stacking objects that are the same shapes, such as circular cups that graduate in various sizes or even kitchen measuring cups. Build towers by placing smaller plastic cups onto larger ones, and then knock them down. Collapsing them or knocking them down emphasizes permanence because they change position while remaining the same objects.

  1. Baby touch

Skills: Muscle builder, bonding.
Equipment: N/A.

Instructions: Play “This Little Piggy”: Pulling the thumb, say, “This little piggy went to the market.” Pulling the index finger, say, “This little piggy stayed home.” Pulling the middle finger, say, “This little piggy had roast beef.” Pulling the ring finger, say, “This little piggy had none.” Pulling the pinky finger, say, “This little piggy cried ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home!” Feel free to tickle Baby as you say “wee wee wee!” Play bicycle: As Baby lies on her back lift up her legs and rotate them as if she were riding a bicycle. Make up a silly rhyme to sing as you do it, such as: “I’m riding my bike today! I’m going to head out and play! I wish I might and I wish I may! Have some fun on my bike all day!”

  1. Let’s talk

Skills: Mind builder, language awareness, sounds.
Equipment: N/A.

Instructions: The best way to encourage vocabulary is to talk a lot. You are your baby’s best model, and you can help your baby enrich his vocabulary by exposing him to various words and experiences. As you are walking in the park, talk about the birds chirping, the kids on the swings and the dogs are running. What sounds does the bird make? What is the child making in the sandbox? What color is the sky? While shopping, talk about the fruits, vegetables and all your baby’s favorite foods. What shape is the orange? As you bathe him, name his body parts and talk about how the water feels warm and the bubbles “pop.”

  1. Reading rocks!
Skills: Sound awareness, attention skills.
Equipment: Felt story books, colorful books with repetition.

Instructions: Hold Baby when you read to him. Take time to let him really look at the pictures and be patient when he flips through pages without actually reading. Point out interesting things on the page, vary your vocal pitch and create character voices. Stop reading when it’s clear that Baby has had enough.


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