Saturday, January 26, 2013

Top 5 Fun Crafts Activities for Kids with Pasta

Hello Busy Mom! Are you feeling bored with your kids activities? Are you looking some different funny crafts activities for your kids? Here is your solution. These funny craft activities with pasta will help your kids to increase his/her mind strength, imagination power, thinking capability etc. 

Pasta is a common item for us. Kids like this too much. So, if you've some ideas about craft activities for your kids with pasta it will be interesting to your baby. Every morning you see pasta in your table but you don’t ever think that pasta is a fabulous arts and crafts staple. The fantastic thing is that it’s inexpensive and comes in great shapes. For this, we can make different things for kid’s crafts and arts activities. These activities are really funny but also useful to increase your child different skills like mind building, creativity, imagination etc.

1. Making Rainbow: With Pasta you can make a wonderful rainbow like this. By this activity your kid’s imagination will be increased.

2. Making Jewelry: Pasta jewelry is looking nice and when it’s colorful it’ll be fabulous.

3. Greeting Cards: Your kids can make “Hello” greeting cards with pasta. It’s really a wonderful gift.

4. Angel Ornament:  Angel Ornament can be made with Pasta and it’ll be looked so nice. It’s an incredible idea Angel Ornament making with Pasta.

5. Making Nice Alphabet: With different colors of Pasta you can make alphabet (A-Z), number (0-9), etc. It’ll help to teach your baby easily.


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