Sunday, January 20, 2013

100 Toddler Activities to Keep Your Toddler Happy - Part 2

Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Ah, Autumn!! you can nearly feel it here. As the summer days get shorter, and the chill sets in the morning, the colors around us tend to become earthier browns, reds and oranges. Whats not to celebrate?! Warm snuggly nights, fuzzy clothes, crunchy leaves, puddles to splash in, colorful boots – and pumpkin soup! And if the idea of cold weather approaching is far too much for you, think of the southern hemisphere…. So, 10 ways to celebrate Autumn -
  1. Create a collage of crunchy, autumn leaves
  2. Cook up a steaming pot of pumpkin soup
  3. Collect pine cones, and create an autumn wreath for the table
  4. Create a bird feeder with seed, lard, and bits of fruit to see the birds through the winter 
  5. Plant your seeds for the winter harvest
  6. Decorate your favorite pair of gumboots for jumping in puddles
  7. Knit some woolly socks
  8. Create a nature table or diorama of autumn colors, leaves, and treasures
  9. Bake a delicious carrot cake
  10. Take a walk in the park with the camera and journal a special Autumn day
Watching the seasons change is amazing, and something to truly be appreciated. Point out the special things to your child, and allow them to discover the wonders of the world around them.


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