Monday, January 21, 2013

Top 5 Educational Activities for preschoolers

Preschool period is the stage of learning school activities, rules, behavior and many other things which are related with mind building. So, activities of preschoolers are too important. Here I listed top 5 preschoolers educational activities which will be increased him/her mind growth.

A full deck:
Skills: Numeracy awareness, hand/eye co-ordination, mind builder.

Equipment: Deck of cards.
  • Place a deck of cards face down on a table everyone draws two cards.
  • Help your child figure out what their numbers add up to, and then figure out what your own cards add up to.
  • Show your child how to write the numbers on a sheet of notebook paper. The first player to 10 (or 20) wins!
Count the chicks
Skills: Numeracy awareness, hand/eye coordination, muscle builder, just for fun. 
Equipment: 12 large fluffy yellow pom-poms, 24 googly eyes, 12 small orange paper triangles (beaks), 1 egg carton.
  • Glue a pair of googly eyes to each pom-pom.
  • Glue triangles underneath eyes (to use as the beaks).
  • Place in the egg carton.
  • Close the carton and tell your child, “Oh my! The eggs have hatched!” Open the carton and say, “How many baby chicks are there?”
  • Ask your child to count aloud as she points to each chick.
  • Take out some of the chicks and shut the carton again. Say, “Oh no! (Number) of the baby chicks flew away! Now how many are left?”
  • You can use the chicks to help teach arithmetic. Don’t worry if he is not yet able to perform this skill as every child develops at his own pace.
Memory game:
Skills: Hand eye co-ordination, memory building.
Equipment: Any basic objects your child is familiar with, e.g. wooden spoon, paintbrush, texta.
  • Place 3-4 objects in front of your child and give them a few minutes to memories them. Ask them to close their eyes and remove one of the objects. Ask them to identify which one has been removed.
  • Also try placing 2-3 objects in front of your child again, giving them time to absorb the information. Once they close their eyes, rearrange the order they are in long as the items are appropriate and ask your child to put them back in their original place. Vary to the colors and shapes of the objects each day.
Weather bear:
Skills: Mind builder, season awareness.
Equipment: Large teddy bear.
  • Purchase a teddy bear large enough to fit into your child’s old baby clothes. Each morning, help your child dress the bear in an outfit that is appropriate to the day’s weather.
  • For example: choose a sweater and jeans for a mild day in autumn, or shorts, a T-shirt, sun-glasses, a baseball cap on a warm summer day.
  • Ask your child to help you select a similar outfit for her to wear. As long as the items are appropriate to the temperature, be sure to give her some power what she wants to wear- even if it’s not the most co-ordinated look  you've ever seen.
My kind of town:
Skills: Global and local awareness.
Equipment: Map and local map book.

  • Pull out a globe or map and point to your country, state and town. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t quite “get it” – complete comprehension is not the most important element of this activity.
  • The idea is for your child to realize she is part of something bigger than her own home.
  • Point out different locations on the map, such as oceans and deserts. What color is the ocean? What lives under water? How big is the desert compared to where we live? These types of questions generate an interest in the world around us.


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